Reading course on Floer Homology

Chair: Luca Asselle

During the summer semster of 2023 Luca Asselle will host a reading course on Floer Homology: 

The course starts at 10.15 in Seminar Room IB 3/73 .

Description of the reading course
The goal is to cover as many details as possible of the construction of Floer homology for the Hamiltonian action on closed symplectically aspherical symplectic manifolds. After briefly recalling the Fredholm properties of the linearized Floer operator (which were already discussed in the course „Variational Methods for Differential Equations“ in the winter semester 22/23), we will cover the following topics: the Calderon-Zygmund inequality, Transversality in Floer homology, Gromov compactness, The Conley-Zehnder index, Gluing and broken Floer trajectories, Continuation and Computation of Floer homology, Other Floer type homologies.

NEW DATE! 13.07.2023   Johanna Bimmermann "Other Floer type homologies"    


22.06.2023   Jacobus Sander de Pooter  "Continuation and computation of Floer homology"      


15.06.2023   Simon Vialaret  "Gluing and broken Floer trajectories"    

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25.05.2023   Manuel Stange  "The Conley-Zehnder index"      
                              There is no video this time. 

11.05.2023   Michael Vogel  "Gromov compactness"    


04.05.2023   Pierre-Alexandre Arlove  "Transversality in Floer homology"    


27.04.2023   Luca Asselle  "The Calderon-Zygmund inequality"    


20.04.2023   Luca Asselle  "Summary of the content of the course VMFDE"      
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