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Welcome! You are interested in studying mathematics at the Ruhr-University Bochum? Find out, why studying at our Faculty is the right choice for your career and your personal development. A lively campus, motivated professors and friendly students await you.

The way to our faculty

International students are required to apply for a course. Although courses in mathematics are not restricted in admission, a few formalities need to be fulfilled, such as providing a university entrance qualification (for example a high school diploma or an equivalent) and a language certificate.

Please find the application deadlines on the pages of the International Office. The International Office also helps you with questions concerning the formalities.

If you have questions concerning contents of the mathematics courses, contact our student advisors(Studienfachberatung)!

Reasons to study abroad

Countless reasons speak in favor of completing part of your studies abroad.

Experience abroad looks great on your CV and strengthens your profile as an applicant, as employers value the accompanying ability to adapt to a new environment, a new language, and new people. It will be easier for you to deepen your knowledge of the language as you immerse in it. You will become more self-confident and autonomous as you master new situations.

Besides these soft-skills you will gain new perspectives on the subject you are studying. Other countries may use different approaches and methods in investigating and teaching the content. This enables you to critically illuminate relevant topics from diverse angles and gives you an extensive education on your subject.

Probably the most important reason: Studying abroad is an excellent opportunity to make extraordinary memories while you are young. You will meet and get to know people and the culture on a level that remains unmatched to tourists. If you wish for a little adventure - studying abroad is definitely the right decision for you.

Reasons to study at the Ruhr-University

With the principle "Creating Knowledge Networks" the Ruhr-University Bochum, has taken up the cause of networking and enabling research and studies across geographical bordeers and highly encourage students to gain international experience during their studies - while providing extensive support and orientation from the International Office.

Useful resources and information, such as preparatory webinars, orientation days and consultation hours guide you through the processes of finding the right accomodation, organizing your studies and becoming familiar with other internationals and the campus.

With over 43,000 students in 20 faculties, the RUB is one of the largest universities in Germany. University sports, the university's own fitness studio, the botanical garden and offers for art, culture and music enthusiasts ensure a colorful student life. On long university days you are well looked after on campus with the canteen, the café-restaurant Q-West or a quiet spot in the library.

Students who work a lot, can also party a lot: the student councils of the various faculties regularly organize parties where you can get to know people from other degree programs. Another highlight is the RUB's popular summer festival.
Bochum has everything you need for an unforgettable study time with great encounters: lovely people, green parks, a dedicated culture, various shopping opportunities, a wide variety of sports clubs and a lively nightlife district, the Bermuda3eck, with a diverse restaurant, bar and club scene.

Reasons to study at our faculty

We offer a broad range of mathematical sub-disciplines so you can choose your specialisations according to your interests. Learn from highly motivated and globally recognized professors. If you are interested in research you can keep track of exciting projects in the areas of Algebra, Analysis and Topology, Numerics, Stochastics, Cryptography, Computer Science or Didactics.

Mathematics can be a tough subject to study, but you will learn important skills and competencies in various formats that will help you understand the complex structures of mathematics. Don't worry, you'll never be left alone with the material. That's why the program consists of the following components (depending on your semester):

  • lectures - professors usually explain the material on the blackboard while you take notes so that you can later exchange ideas with your fellow students.
  • exercises - here you actively solve tasks, ask questions to experienced instructors and discuss the lecture content with fellow students.
  • homework - in small work groups you regularly solve tasks together, submit them and get them back corrected. In this way, you can always keep track of your learning progress and often even collect bonus points for the final exam.
  • seminars - here you present an independently prepared topic to other seminar participants (usually from the 3rd semester).
  • internships - in the computer science internship you develop basic math-relevant programming skills, in the eight-week professional field internship you gain initial experience at school (B.A.) or in a company (B.Sc.).
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