Lectures (in Bonn and Frankfurt)


Former teaching (at the TU Munich)

  • Winter 2015/16: Organization of the exercise sessions for the lecture ''Mathematik für Physiker 1 (Linear Algebra)'' of Prof. Dr. E. Viehmann
  • Winter 2015/16: Advanced seminar ''Special cycles on Shimura varieties'' (with Prof. Dr. E. Viehmann)
  • Summer 2015: Organisation of the exercise sessions for the lecture ''Commutative algebra'' of Prof. Dr. C. Liedtke
  • Summer 2014: Seminar ''Lie algebras'' (with Prof. Dr. C. Liedtke)
  • Summer 2014: Advanced seminar ''Period spaces and maps'' (with B. Werner)
  • Winter 2013/14: Seminar ''Classical algebraic geometry'' (with Prof. Dr. C. Liedtke)
  • Winter 2013/14: Advanced seminar ''Shimura varieties of infinite level at p'' (with Dr. P. Hamacher), cooperation with Universities of Bielefeld and Paderborn
  • Summer 2013: Exercise sessions for the lecture ''Computeralgebra'' of Prof. Dr. G. Kemper
  • Summer 2013: Advanced seminar ''Perfectoid spaces'' (with Dr. P. Hamacher)


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