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In five study programs, prospective mathematicians find exciting and sometimes perplexing answers to mathematical questions. Here, students learn how to analyze problems according to the rules of mathematics, how to question them and how to find solutions that can be proven with sound arguments. A mathematics degree quenches the thirst for knowledge of all curious people who are not satisfied with merely accepting statements and always ask "How?" and "Why?".

Students are prepared here for careers in industry, science, or education. Graduates in mathematics are highly sought after in the job market and in all industries.

Through modern and lively teaching, dedicated professors impart solid basic mathematical knowledge, creative problem-solving skills and the use of the mathematical toolbox in current fields of application.

In addition, we offer comprehensive service teaching for other faculties and disciplines at RUB. You can find out more on the page of the Service Center Mathematics and Applications.

Prospective Students

Are you interested in studying mathematics? Or you are still in school and are curious how you can already pursue your interest in mathematics?


First-year students

Everything you need to know for a successful start to your studies - including admission, preliminary courses and the Student Council.



Where can I find all the important information about my studies? How can I gain experience abroad and in practice? In which areas are the scientists active?


News related to studies

The contact details of the Examination Office Mathematics can be found here.
The contact details of the Student Advisory Service can be found here.

Current corona infos

Current corona infos for students of mathematic will be communicated via the moodle-course "Mathematikstudium-Info"  .

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