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Doctorate (PhD) and Habilitation


You have your master's degree in your pocket, but your scientific ambition is not yet satisfied? No problem, a PhD in mathematics allows you to intensively explore your field of interest and forms the basis for a successful career in academia or in relevant positions in industry. You will find all the regulations for doctoral studies at our faculty and the right contact persons on this page. The doctoral procedure is based on the Doctoral Regulations of the Faculty of Mathematics dated March 19, 2021.

As a central graduate school, the RUB Research School supports all doctoral students at the Ruhr-University Bochum. Thus, it offers further qualification across borders, supports a seamless transition into the job market and advises all those who are starting or planning a doctorate at RUB. Benefit from the international research environment and unleash the full potential of your research project!


Information for PhD candidates


You aspire a university teaching qualification in your subject? The habilitation procedure is based on the Habilitation Regulations of the Faculty of Mathematics from March 2, 2005.


Jasmin Mohagheghi
room:    IB 1/115
phone:  (+49)(0)234 / 32-23828
e-mail:  Lehre-Mathe(at)

Birgit Eberhardt
room:    IB 1/117
phone:  (+49)(0)234 / 32-23476
email:   Mathe-Dekanat(at)

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