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IT Department of the faculty

The IT Department of the Faculty of Mathematics at the RUB is the central point of contact for questions regarding IT applications or IT-related problems and provides comprehensive IT support for all members of the faculty.


At this place we will publish news.


Do you have a request? Get in touch with our IT Department!

e-mail: admin(at)
phone: +49 (0) 234 32-287


Server Infrastructure

The Faculty of Mathematics has an own server infrastructure. It offers dedicated compute servers with scientific and mathematical applications, backup services and virtualization platforms to provide virtual machines.

We mainly use open source software, e.g. linux distributions such as Debian and Ubuntu, FreeBSD and Windows Server.

Finally, there are infrastructure servers targeted for maintenance of operation.

Information, printing services and downloads

You can find further instruction, informations for the printing services and other services on the intern webserver of the IT-administration of the faculity. You can reach it only by campus-network or VPN.

Central IT Support of the RUB

For general and specific questions about the central IT services of the RUB, please contact the RUB IT.Services team!


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