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University mathematics

If you need technical help with the course contents, please contact

  • your lecturers and tutorial group leaders and visit their office hours with your question
  • the project MathePlus: you get the possibility to discuss your questions concerning the mathematics lectures with competent contact persons. For example, you can pick up improvement suggestions and final tips before handing in your weekly homework. You will also have access to an online learning program tailored to your needs.
  • the student tutorial: in the weekly tutorial sessions, your questions about your studies will be answered. The tutorial is an optimal supplement to the lectures and question classes, here you are right with content-related questions as well as with everything that concerns arriving and finding your way at the university. And all that on an equal student-to-student level.

Learning strategies

Do you feel overwhelmed with the material and don't know where to start learning?

Then participation in the MathePlus project is just the right thing for you!

Here, in an intensive learning course, you will have all your questions answered by competent contact persons, and you will be given access to an online course tailored to your needs, which will give you the tools you need to successfully pass the math exams (and the subsequent exams). The offer is free of charge, but you are expected to attend the corresponding courses regularly. The goal is for you to develop strategies for self-organized and efficient learning.


  • AKAFÖ: the Akademische Förderungswerk is the student union for the Bochum universities and is responsible for the social, economic and cultural support of the students. Thus, the AKAFÖ is an important contact point, for example on the matter of accommodation.
  • equal opportunities: if you have any questions or suggestions concerning the topic of equality, the Math Women of the RUB or the central Equal Opportunity Office are your best contacts.
  • psychological Student Advisory Service: the Psychological Student Advisory Service of the Central Student Advisory Service provides support for all personal problems that may affect the success of your studies.
  • the Advisory Center for the Inclusion of Disabled Students (BZI), operated by the Akademische Förderungswerk, provides advice on services such as compensation for disadvantages.
  • studying with a child: as a family-friendly university, RUB attaches great importance to the compatibility of family and studies. The services offered range from social counseling and scholarships for student parents to childcare at RUB. All offers are summarized here.
  • support for family caregivers: in the spirit of the family-friendly university, family caregivers can also receive support.


This RUB Infopage gives a lot of valuable hints and tips on student finance (only in german).

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