Former Members

2020-2023 Clement Cheneviere

phd student


Clément Chenevière moved on to Université de Strasbourg (??)



2019-2023 Dr. Tilman Möller


2021-2023 Galen Dorpalen-Barry (PhD)


Galen Dorpalen-Barry moved on to the University of Oregon



2019-2023 Dr. Kathrin Meier

PhD student

thesis: Probabilistic analysis of Coxeter statistics and STIT tessellations
Kobetreuer: Christoph Thäle, RUB

Research Interests: Combinatorial statistics for Weyl groups, their means and variances and central limit theorems

Publications + Preprint:
Central limit theorems for generalized descents and generalized inversions in finite root systems
Joint work with C. Stump, Preprint; 2022, [arXiv]
Second-order properties for planar Mondrian tessellations
Joint work with C. Betken, T. Kaufmann and C. Thäle, Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability 25; 2023, [journal]

Kathrin Meier moved on to HDI Group

2019-2022 Dr. Dennis Jahn

PhD student

thesis: Combinatorics of subword complexes for finite type Coxeter systems

Publications + Preprints:
Bruhat intervals, subword complexes and brick polyhedra for finite Coxeter groups.
Joint work with C. Stump, Preprint; 26 pages, 2021, [arXiv].

Minkowski decompositions for generalized associahedra of acyclic type.
Joint work with R. Löwe and C. Stump, Alg. Combin. 4(5), 757-775, 2021, [journal, arXiv].

Dennis Jahn moved on to HBA-Consulting AG

2018-2022 Dr. Jonathan Kliem

PhD student

thesis: Applications of Topology, Combinatorics and Algorithms to Discrete Geometry
Kobetreuer: Günter M. Ziegler, FU Berlin

Jonathan Kliem moved on to TNG Technology Consulting


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